GVFD Truck 4 - 2 Retired / Parade Vehicle

1942 Chevrolet 4 x 4 1.5 Ton Model #G-7107

Make: Oren Fire Apparatus Company

Class: 525

Even though Engine 4-2 was the second fire truck purchased by the newly established Gaylordsville Fire Department in 1946, it was the first fire truck to arrive in town. The 1921 American LaFrance was purchased first but arrived a week after 4-2. In 1946, Chief Furnside, while visiting Schenectady, New York, discovered at Army Surplus a new Chevrolet fire truck. The vehicle was completely equipped and ready to ship overseas when the war ended. The department paid $800.00 for the vehicle and after the typical "red tape" members of the GVFD brought home their new fire truck. When it was purchased the truck color was olive drab and since that time it has had a few "fire engine red" paint jobs.

After many years of outstanding service, the truck was rebuilt with a new motor and transmission and was used as a brush fire truck until it was retired in 1997. It is currently being restored and just recently was put on the road after a few years "rest". We hope to use it in the parade circuit in upcoming years. General specifications for this truck will be posted in the near future. Click the link for more information on Military Fire Trucks.

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