Chili and Chowder Cook Off Pictures!


Thanks to all those who participated as well as to all of those folks who came out to be our tasters and judges!!

"Contestants Row" and the cooking stations setup for the contestants in
the bays of our firehouse

"Contestant's Row" just after 7a.m. the day of the event

Contestant Row ready to serve!!

Eileen Laudenslager's Vegetarian Margarita Chili


Eileen (beautiful wife of event coordinator Mike Laudenslager) setting up her station to serve her famous vegetarian Margarita chili. And no....the alcohol was only for presentation, not consumption, during the event!! Sorry.....

Contestant Peter Heslin, winner of 1st Place Chili and Best Overall

Contestant Linda Mercier

Contestant Paul Berg

Captain Hogan and Dennis Hoviland just prior to the start of our event,

confident and calm!


Captain Hogan prepping the chicken
for their Chicken and Corn Chowder, which went on to claim 1st Place!!

Dennis and Tom's Chicken & Corn Chowder, winner of 1st Place Chowder

Event Coordinator Mike Laudenslager's Double
Cajun Chili

The Stietzel's deciding which chili is best (or how they
can get seconds)

"Best Overall" trophy and various medals that
were awarded